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Monday, December 19, 2005

Student Reps 

I'm no longer the U of L New Media Student Rep so this blog is for the most part no longer being used. (If the new reps are interested I would be happy to let them take it over). I still think there are some useful tidbits of information here, so I'm not going to erase it outright.

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Comments: The crazy things you find on google.

Hope you're doing well Jeff.

Brad (the previous New Media Rep!)

bkinley @ g mail . com
Comment posted by Blogger Brad & Anette at 5:38 PM(Permalink) this thing in use? I'm a uleth new media grad looking for someone to take my maternity leave job in Calgary....
Comment posted by Blogger Emily at 6:28 PM(Permalink)  
I still check it out. Give me a shout emily, jeffmilner(at)
Comment posted by Blogger Jeff Milner at 6:32 PM(Permalink)  
k - i sent ya some gmail :)
Comment posted by Blogger Emily at 4:28 PM(Permalink)  
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