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Monday, March 07, 2005

New Media Faculty Meeting Minutes #31 

New Media Department Meeting
Tuesday, March 1, 2005
1:15 p.m. – W870

Minutes # 31

Present: David Clearwater, Chair, Bob Cousins, Leanne Elias, Nick Fai, Jill Flaman, Terry Gallie, James Graham, Christopher Moore, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith, Jeff Milner - Student Representative and Jill Payant, Recording Secretary.

I Adoption of the Agenda with the following additions
3.3 Media Career Fair (Flaman)
4.1 SAAG Opening (Graham)

II Adoption of and Business Arising from the Previous Minutes (sent to the department members on Monday, February 28, 2005)
In reference to Item 3.3 of the previous minutes – Visit by Electronic Arts Representatives - Will briefly discussed a rude exchange which transpired between a Computer Science student and one of the visiting representatives and indicated he felt it was a poor reflection on the New Media department.

Also, in reference to Item 4.0, and further to the previous discussion – Proposal to Develop New Media Branch Programs – A Curriculum Retreat has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 23, 2005. A suitable location was briefly discussed, and one possibility is Anderson Hall. If any individuals have other suggestions please see David and also confirm your availability for the proposed date.

III Information
3.1 Chair’s Report (Clearwater)
3.1.1 Applied Arts Magazine - Applied Arts Magazine is holding their 3rd Annual Student Design & Advertising Awards – call for entry deadline is April 29th, 2005. Please see the information email posted on the New Media bulletin board outside of W850.
3.1.2 Rick Casson Petition in support of same-sex marriage – a petition was passed around for those interested in signing. See David or Karen Mahar for this petition.
3.1.3 Tom Calvert SFU Visit – Date still being investigated but it will fall sometime on or between March 29 to April 1.

3.2 New Media Month Update (Smith) Posters are printed and ready to go, Jeff Milner has agreed to distribute the posters in high profile designated areas for remuneration of $50.00. The first New Media month activity is Friday, March 4, 05 - SAAG Opening at 8:00 p.m., this opening will exhibit current and alumni student submissions.

A brief discussion ensued regarding possibly moving the student showing of March 4, to April 1 – Will Smith strongly opposed as there appears to be a sufficient number of submissions for this March 4th evening. It was agreed to keep this date. James Graham will help Will Smith with screen set-up for March 4 & 5. There are some food concerns for the Friday March 4th opening – James will get back to David.

Deadline for submission for the March 19th Faculty Staff Showing is Monday, March 14, 2005. Please see Will Smith for details

Please encourage your classes to attend these openings!!

It was suggested to incorporate, in the Curriculum Retreat, a discussion to design courses that would further educate students for New Media Month Submissions.

3.3 Media Career Fair (Flaman) Please refer to the Arts, Media & Entertainment Career Fair handout, distributed at this meeting – Please see Jill Flaman if you are available to man a booth or are interested in participating.

IV Items for Information/Discussion
4.1 SAAG Opening – discussed earlier.

V Other Business
5.1 Portable Sound System has arrived - see Nick Fai inW700 for its use.
5.2 Broken Video Project Cable in B519 – Nick will look into fixing this.

VI Adjournment – Pickering 2:05 p.m.

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