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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New Media Faculty Meeting Minutes #30 

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
1:15 p.m. – W870

Minutes # 30

Present: David Clearwater, Chair, Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Terry Gallie, James Graham, Christopher Moore, Will Smith, Daniela Sirbu, Jeff Milner, Student Representative and Jill Payant, Recording Secretary

Visitors: Electronic Arts Representatives: Dennis Hoffman, Meredythe Spence

Assisting the Visitors: Jill Flaman and Anna Pickering

I Adoption of the Agenda – with the following changes:
Switching order of items 4.4. & 4.5
Item 4.6 becomes item 4.0, item 4.7 becomes item 4.6

II Adoption of and Business Arising from the Previous Minutes (sent to the Department Members on Monday, February 14, 2005)
Will stated that no one has returned page-two of the handout he gave in the previous meeting. Please complete this form and return to Will as soon as possible, as he will be leaving campus the evening of Tuesday, February 14, 2005 and not returning until Monday, February 28, 2005.

III Items for Information
3.1 Chair’s Report

3.1.1. Short Term Acting Chair will be needed from May to July 2005. David will be away working on dissertation; his deadline is July 31, 2005. Please consider this opportunity and contact David if you are interested.

3.2 Visit by Electronic Arts Representative – Visitors Dennis Hoffman and Meredythe Spence were introduced and provided a brief overview of the purpose of their visit, potential employment opportunities and the content of their upcoming information session being held at 3:00 p.m. today, in W731.

3.3 Recruiting Evening, Thurs. Feb 17, 7:00 pm (Atrium) Department Representative Needed (Clearwater) David stated, in addition to Jill Flaman, a department representative needs to be present at the Recruiting Evening to answer any questions by potential students. He asked for a volunteer and hearing none, offered to attend.

3.4 New Media Month Details (Smith)
3.4.1 Poster creation – Daniela Sirbu gave a short description of the work her class is doing to create the poster for New Media Month.

Motion: to create 6 oversized posters at a cost of $50.00 each, and 50 - 11 x 17 sized posters to be created at a cost of approximately $150.00. Jeff Milner will distribute posters to acceptable locations. Graham/Smith

3.4.2 SAAG Opening and Program set-up on March 4th, 2005 is good to go, per James Graham.

3.4.3 Christ Moore indicated he will need 2 projectors and a screen for his set-up on Saturday, March 12, 2005 for his ‘Scape Performance in W420 at the U of L.

3.4.4 Will indicated that the SAAG Open Call on Friday, March 18, 2005 has been omitted from the monthly minute calendars and asked that this date be included. Chris Moore will be adjudicating works.

3.4.5 Amrita Deshpande has contacted Will Smith to have a piece of her work displayed in the non-juried Faculty and Staff show. Approved.

3.4.6 Saturday March 19, 05 – Lethbridge Faculty and Staff Show – City Center Foyer. David will be bartending (wine only). The department needs to investigate obtaining an alcohol permit.

3.5 New Media 4850N Resources (Smith) Will Smith presented the need to purchase costuming that would accommodate special markers, for the MOCAP workshop. David will look into the purchase of this material at a cost of $1000.00 each – 4 suits being requested. These will be used for teaching purposes only. Sizes being investigated.

3.6 Tom Calvert (SFU) Visit (Clearwater) – Tom Calvert will be on campus March 29 – to April 1st, 05. and will be meeting with each New Media Faculty Member individually. Karen Mahar will arrange meeting times for this visit.

3.7 Search Committee and New Positions (Clearwater) David reported on the closing dates for the upcoming New Media positions:
Assistant Professor – Writing for Screen Media/Cinema – February 16, 2005.

Assistant Professor – New Media – March 25,2005

Academic Assistant – New Media – March 25, 2005

IV Items for Discussion/Action

4.0 Proposal to Develop New Media Branch Programs (Graham) James suggested considering developing, New Media programs. Discussion included; an agreement in principle in developing New Media specific courses, the suggestion of creating strategies that would attract students and faculty and a further discussion of the direction the department would like to go with either the production of a more technical based industry directed at students, or more art-based streamlined directives.

Motion: The goal is to establish a curriculum committee, which would meet as a Retreat on Saturday, April 23, 2005 to discuss course particulars and parameters. Hiring will be an item. Clearwater/Gallie.

4.1 CanWest Lab (W700) Policy (Clearwater) Stricken

4.2 Independent Study Policy (Clearwater) Stricken

4.3 Use of Harware/Software Policy (Clearwater) Stricken

4.4 New Media 1000 Discussion (Smith) Stricken

4.5 Writing for Multimedia Workshop, by Tim Lee (Cousins)

Motion: For Bob Cousins to investigate the possibility that a ‘Writing for Multimedia Workshop’ be provided at the University of Lethbridge, by Visiting Artist Tim Lee.

4.6 Proposal to Pursue Joint Corporate Sponsorship of New Media Facilities/Equipment (Graham) Stricken

V Other Business

5.1 The question was raised as to whether Christopher Moore has had the opportunity to investigate a possible MAX/MSP workshop with Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh. He indicated he has not heard anything at the moment and the topic was deferred to another meeting.

VI Adjournment - Nick Fai 2:45 p.m.

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