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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New Media Faculty Meeting Minutes #29 

Tuesday, February 1, 2005
1:15 p.m. – W870

Minutes #29

Present: David Clearwater, Chair, Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Jill Flaman, Terry Gallie, Anna Pickering, Will Smith,

I Adoption of the Agenda with the following additions
3.5 Acknowledgment of Professor Shins gifts
3.6 Tom Calvert – SFU Professor (Department Review)

II Adoption of and Business Arising from the Previous Minutes (sent to the Department Members on Friday, January 28, 2005)

III Items for Information
3.1 Chair’s Report - See items below

3.2 New Media Month (Smith) Please refer to New Media Month, March 2005 (4-page) handout form from Will Smith, which will also be emailed to the department members.

Page 1 outlines the poster being created for New Media Month and will reflect the following changes:
March 4, the word Show will be changed to Showing
March 5, the word Show will be changed to Festival
March 19, the word Show will be changed to Showing
The days of the week will be added before the numerical dates.

Page 2
Please complete page 2 – Planning for March New Media Month 2005 and return to Will Smith

Page 3
Please review

Page 4
Please submit the required publicity information to Will Smith as soon as possible.

Will Smith will be visiting New Media classes in the near future to encourage student submissions.

3.3 Financial Assistance for Faculty Travel (Clearwater) David declared that any budget availability is designated for teaching purposes only and cannot currently accommodate travel reimbursement requests or other expenses that are a part of the faculty member’s research.

3.4 Introduction of New Director of IT –Calvin Barnes (2:00 p.m.) (Clearwater) Introduction of the new Information Technology Director, Mr. Calvin Barnes. Calvin gave an overview of the objectives and direction he would like to see implemented in the future. He further indicated he would be formulating an I.T. Steering Committee for future endeavours and encourages participation from all faculty and staff members, indicating he values their input.

3.5 Acknowledgment of Professor Shin’s Gifts (Smith) The department would like to publicly thank Professor Shin for the department gift of the following 3 DVD’s…

Wonderful Days
Love Fantasy*My Beautiful Girl, Mari
Oseam…A Place Where All Wishes Come True

A thank you card will be circulated for signatures, to all department members, in an effort to acknowledge Professor Shin’s kind gift.

3.6 Tom Calvert SFU Professor – Department Review (Clearwater) Ches Skinner has invited Mr. Tom Calvert to do a department review in New Media, in which he will meet with, and discuss various issues with each faculty member. A date has not been determined, but David will investigate a possible late April date to accommodate end- of-semester responsibilities. David will propose a definite date at a later department meeting.

IV Items for Discussion / Action
4.1 Desk Copies of Textbooks (Clearwater) The following extra desk copies from the fall text book orders, for New Media, are currently in W850:
Dreamweaver MX 2004
Adobe Photoshop 7 – Studio Techniques
The Adobe Illustrator: CS WOW Book
Photoshop CS Artistry
Premier 6.5 – For Windows and Macintosh (2 copies)
These textbooks will be marked U of L property and re-located to W700 for student and faculty usage.

4.2& 4.3 Shared (Off Campus) Department Resources Proposal AND Implications of Loaning Academic Software to Commercial Establishments (Smith)

Due to software loaning issues combined with student Internship opportunities it was decided that there should be ‘no software loaning for Internship students working in an environment where they do not have the necessary software’.

David will prepare two policies to present at the next department meeting regarding:

1) Use of Departmental Hardware/Software for Internships to Commercial Companies

2) Use of Department Resources off Campus - Notice of Impact

4.4 New Media 4850 Department Support (Smith) Will Smith publicly
acknowledged the support received from Nick Fai in getting the network up and running in PE240. He further indicated that one copy of Motion Builder was installed on Friday, January 28, 05.

4.5 NMED Faculty Rep. for Course Evaluation Committee (Clearwater)
The Department nominated James Graham to sit on this committee, as he was the previous NMED representative.

4.6 CanWest Lab (W700) Policy (Clearwater) Please review the
Department of New Media – CanWest Global Lab (W700/W700B) Acceptable Use Policy, which David has reworked slightly. Discussion deferred until the next department meeting.

4.7 Independent Study Policy (Clearwater) Please review the Department
of New Media –Departmental Policy Regarding Independent Studies, policy that David recently drafted. Discussion deferred until the next department meeting.

V Other Business - None

VI Adjournment – 2:35 p.m. Pickering

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