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Monday, March 15, 2004

Meeting Summary 

Here is a summary of the last two faculty meetings that Mike and I attended:

1. A New Media conference to be held at the University is under way. It appears to me that it will happen sometime in the next year. If you have a suggestion of a speaker to bring in for the conference, please let me know.

2. I brought up concerns about instructors following their course outlines, usage of professors in the CanWest Labs, and having the lab hours extended start sooner giving more time to work on final projects.

3. A working budget of $500 has been allocated toward next seasons New Media Concerts.

4. The loan form for equipment is under revision. It looks like the rules for loaning equipment are going to be strictly enforced which will mean more access to equipment and a greater responsibility of the borrower.

5. Motion Capture Workshop on March 20th, from 12-4. Senior students sign up at Will Smith's office.

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