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Friday, March 12, 2004

Meeting Minutes From Friday, March 5, 2004 

Friday, March 5, 04
10:30 a.m.
Agenda # 17

I Adoption of the Agenda

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes

III Items for Information
3.1 Department Web Maintenance (Prost)
3.2 School Visits (Prost)
3.3 Software for 2004 (Fai)
3.4 Professors and Procedures (Milner)
3.5 24 hour use of Canwest Global Room (Milner)
3.6 Lab Hours (Milner)
3.7 Timetables (Granzow)

IV Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 Visiting Professor Hei -Young Shin, Korea (Granzow)
4.2 2003 New Music New Media Concert Series (Smith)
4.3 Camera Loan Form with access privileges (Gallie)
4.4 VHS with Firewire Connectivity (Fai)
4.5 New Media Conference Proposal (Kabatoff/Granzow)
4.6 Student Showcase (Kabatoff)
4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith)
4.8 Wireless Router (Fai)

V Other Business
5.1 Projector (Smith)
5.2 January Admissions (Prost)

VI Adjournment

Friday, March 5, 2004
10:30 a.m.
Room W850A
Minutes # 17

Present: Carl Granzow (Acting Chair), Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Terry Gallie, Mathew Kabatoff, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith, Neal Thomas. Student Representatives, Mike Atwood and Jeff Milner. Recording Secretary, Jill Payant.

Regrets: David Clearwater

Visitors: Ches Skinner, Dean

I Adoption of the Agenda with the following additions:
4.3 Camera Loan form with access privileges (Gallie)
4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith)
4.8 Wireless Router (Fai)
5.1 Projector (Smith)
5.2 January Admission (Prost)
Thomas/Pickering. Carried

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes - Pickering/Gallie. Carried
Minutes # 16 reflected a request to purchase a wireless mouse with a 50 ft. radius in the amount of $250+. It was decided to use a currently owned mouse with a 10ft. radius and a USB extender

Visitor Ches Skinner briefly spoke encouragingly on the possibility of an upcoming New Media Conference. His comments included;
~ Conference Topics, dates and content
~ Raising the profile in New Media at The University of Lethbridge
~ Recruitment of students for Fall 2004 and future
~ National/International/Regional Exposure
~ Opening and exploration of other opportunities

III Items for Information
3.1 Department Web Maintenance (Prost) Gerry proposed and was accepted to take over the maintenance of the New Media Web Page for the upcoming year and was thanked by all previously involved.
3.2 School Visits (Prost) Kabatoff has made one school visit to
Strathmore on February 26th. There are two more dates currently planned, Calgary Convention Centre, Alberta, an all day event, and March 24th, 04, University of Lethbridge, Recital Hall, an all day event.

It was suggested that a New Media specific DVD be created to aid in recruiting purposes. Kabatoff indicated that he has already created a New Media DVD that could be used as a presentation tool. He will present it at the next department meeting.
3.3 Software for 2004 (Fai) Nick reported that Dreamweaver 4 in the
computer labs are not being updated by I.T. and indicated that he would investigate an accurate cost estimate to update the software. He will present his findings at the next New Media meeting. Nick also requests that all faculty members email him any software requirements for Fall 2004.
3.4 Professors and Procedures (Milner) Student Representative Jeff
Milner presented concerns from students that course syllabi seemed to be considered flexible and changeable. Students are concerned with accurate dates and paper due dates being changed mid-semester. Carl reiterated to the faculty that all syllabi are contracts with the students and need to be strictly adhered to. It was suggested that students be given a week after classes begin to consider the content of a syllabus and discuss any concerns with the instructor, with in that time period.
3.5 24-Hour Access of Canwest Global Room (Milner) It was
presented that certain students question the use of classes occupying the Canwest Global room, which may restrict individual student use. Such concern was considered a non-issue due to the fact that all who require access to the Canwest Global room are accommodated.
3.6 Lab Hours (Milner) Students have requested the extension of lab
hours for weekends and the weeks preceding the end of the
semester. Nick will investigate further and report changes at the next meeting.
3.7 Timetables (Granzow) Carl presented a 3-year Timetable plan and
asked the department to review before the next department meeting. It was stated that the MOCAP course number of 4850 is incorrect.

IV Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 Visiting Professor Hei - Young Shin, Korea (Granzow) Will Smith will contact this instructor on behalf of the New Media Department and will report back to the department specifics regarding this potential liaison.
4.2 2003/2004 New Music/New Media Concert Series (Smith) Motion: To allocate a working budget of $500.00 from the New Media department to accommodate the next season of joint concerts. Smith/Prost. Carried.

Proposed dates are November 19th and 26th, 2004 and could potentially be used as entertainment events for the proposed New Media Conference.
4.3 Camera Loan Forms with Access Privileges (Gallie) Please refer
to enclosed Camera Loan Form. Discussion arose regarding
~ Additional paragraph indicated acknowledgment of physical damage
~ Rewording of paragraph # 2
~ Incurring a potential damage deposit system
~ Banning privileges when necessary.

A committee consisting of Nick Fai, Terry Gallie and Anna Pickering has been established and will alter and present the existing loan form at a later date.

4.4 VHS with Firewire Connectivity (Fai) Nick indicated that New Media has been approached by I.T. to help in a 3 way split purchase of a VHS player with firewire connectivity. Instead the following motion was passed;

Motion: For the New Media department to purchase their own Canoupus Converter. Thomas/Smith. Carried

4.5 New Media Conference Proposal (Kabatoff) Please refer to the attached Two Conference Topics from Banff and the U of L New Media Conference Proposal handouts. Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the specifics of the potential New Media Conference to be held at The University of Lethbridge. Concerns voiced include but are not limited to the following:
~ Concerns with branding the conference with an affiliation to Sciences
~ How to combine creativity and sciences
~ The focus of a keynote speaker
~ General comments on conference promotion
~ Purpose of conference

Motion: To pursue in establishing a New Media Conference for Fall 2004 or Fall 2005. Kabatoff/Pickering. Carried

Conference committee formed and consists of:
Mathew Kabatoff
Neal Thomas
David Clearwater
Daniela Sirbu
Will Smith

4.6 Student Showcase (Kabatoff) Submissions for the New Media Student Showcase Juried Selections, which may consist of Web, 3D, Gaming, and Interaction, will be accepted on April 13, 04 in W850. Exhibition date is scheduled for April 16, 04. See posters for further details. Adjudicators currently are:
Neal Thomas
Daniela Sirbu
Mathew Kabatoff
Not yet determined Art Faculty member

4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith) Motion: To establish an offer a MOCAP workshop for Grad students, date not yet determined. Smith/Thomas. Carried

4.8 Wireless Router (Fai) Motion: To split the cost of initiating wireless networking with the art department. Fai/Thomas. Carried.

V Other Business
5.1 Projector (Smith) Will commented on the outdated projector
currently in use by the New Media department and indicated his
concerns at using archaic equipment.

5.2 January admissions (Prost) Concerns were voiced on the process
used to investigate incoming student pre-requisites. Stricter
communication effort suggested.

VI Adjournment - Neal Thomas, 1:00 p.m.

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