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Monday, March 01, 2004

Meeting Minutes From Friday, February 6, 2004 

Friday, February 6, 2004
10:00 a.m.
Room W850A
Agenda # 16

Present: Carl Granzow, Acting Chair, David Clearwater, Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Mathew Kabatoff, Anna Pickering, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith and Jill Payant (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Terry Gallie

I Adoption of the Agenda – with the following additions and changes
3.4 Graduate Feedback (Pickering)
4.3 Macromedia Upgrades (Fai)
4.5 Remove Smith’s name from 4.5
4.7 List Serve, Michael C. Baker and New Media Workshop
4.8 Hard Drive Space (Fai)

Fai/Clearwater. Carried

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes- Pickering/Smith. Carried

III Items for Information
3.1 New Media Workshop Update (Kabatoff) – Reviewed Fine
Art/New Media Informational Workshop Series handout. Faculty members are encouraged to inform and promote their students to attend and participate in these upcoming workshops.

3.2 New Media Conference Update (Kabatoff) Mathew indicated a list
serve has been created within the last 2 weeks and is moving ahead, per Ches’ request. Please see Mathew in regards to the following needs for this conference:
~ Fixed Date
~ Size
~ Topics/Subscriptions
~ Budget Information

3.3 3D Motion Library with OSU (Smith) Will informed the department of a potential liaison with Ohio State University New Media 3D Motion Library. He advocated inter-university loaning and sharing and further indicated there was no cost to the endeavor.

3.4 Graduate Feedback (Pickering) A former New Media student contacted the University and suggested the department focus more intently on preparing students for the work force by emphasizing formal presentations. Discussion ensued regarding incorporating such presentations into established courses. In its deliberations, it was decided that a larger view of the overall course components and requirements of the New Media courses was necessary. To this end, it was suggested that course outlines of all classes be distributed amongst each instructor. It was further suggested that a retreat be established with a curriculum focus only, and that the date has been tentatively set for a mid-April time frame – sometime between the last day of classes and final exams.

V Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 W700 Report (Fai) Efforts to move and hook up the 1.4GHZ computers to 700B are progressing. W700K continues to be designated as the equipment room to which faculty and staff will have access (in a not yet determined format). Nick will inform everyone when this system is established and access is available.

The following items have been requested for purchase:
Wireless mouse (with 50 ft radius) (Smith)
Laser Pointer (Sirbu)

4.2 Potential Candidate Advertisement (Smith) Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the rewording of the enclosed Assistant Professor – New Media Studies advertising handouts. Changes were made and will be forwarded to Angela Luck through Carl Granzow and will then be made available to the department members for perusal.

4.3 Macromedia Update (Fai) Nick received a 2-year computer software purchase quote from Nick Bensch regarding programs and their upgrades.

Carl requested all instructors to submit to him in writing, their computer software needs to facilitate and pursue future purchases.

4.4 Recruiting A/V Equipment to be used in the classrooms (Clearwater) It was recommended that the Recruitment Equipment which currently consists of a:
~Portable DVD Player
~ Projector
~Speaker System
be housed in W700 and be made available for classroom activities.

4.5 Consolidating A/V Equipment for classroom use, list of equipment, reservation sheet (Clearwater) Tabled

4.6 Course Proposal (Sirbu) Daniela Sirbu, in conjunction with Linda Nicol, will prepare and submit a course proposal and its rational for two potential courses entitled:

A) Human Computer Interaction
B) Information Arts

4.7 List serve, Michael C. Baker and New Media Workshop (Smith)
Visiting Artist Michael Conway Baker will be on campus Monday, February 09, 2004. The following dates and times are designated for part of Mr. Baker’s itinerary and New Media Students and Faculty and all are encouraged to attend these activities;

Monday, Feb 9, 04 Masterclass 2:30—4:00
Recital Hall – W570

Tuesday, Feb 10, 04 B520 Computer Lab
9:25—10:30 Terry Gallie
10:50—12:05 A 580
6: 30—7:30 Lecture on Film/Music Industry B773

This is a joint partnership with the Music Department to which the New Media Department allocated the sum of $500.00.

Will Smith wanted it known that he felt all instructors need to support department events.

4.8 Hard Drive Space (Fai) Students have been requesting additional hard drive storage space. To this end Nick Fai has suggested 3 ways to address this issue;
1) Purchase of additional had drive space at an approximate cost of $9600.00
2) Student purchased Portable Firewire Drives at a cost of $200 - $400 per student.
3) Re-writable DVD discs holding 4.7 gigs at a cost of $20.00 each.
Nick’s emphasis of support would be on either option 2 or 3.

V Other Business
5.1 TV’s (Fai) Nick has requested Will Smith remove the stored televisions from W700 as discussed in the previous minutes. Will indicted he would remove them directly after the meeting.

V Adjournment - 12:00 Anna Pickering

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