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Friday, January 30, 2004

Department Meeting 

I was unable to attend the last departmental meeting, but Mike was there and here are some of the things we need to find out:

"What are some students' ideas for increasing the lab times for us?--especially on weekends. Closed at 5 Friday-Sunday."

"The department is planning a tentative Media Showcase in the fall of 2004. They want us to ask around for ideas of how we, the students, would like to see it run. Some ideas were to have students submit there work to an ejudicating committee who would decide which works go in the show--kind of like the Music 2500 stuff last semester, other ideas were to allow students to show whatever work they wanted, and it would get voted on by category by the students (like a people's choice award), so that they can say--in a portfolio for example--that that certain piece won such and such an award."

Now it is your responsibility (as a student reading this page) to let Mike or myself know what you think. Get emailing!

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