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Thursday, December 04, 2003

New Media Department Retreat 

On Saturday, November 22, 2003 the New Media Department had a retreat that lasted a little over 8 hours. The following are minutes from their meeting as recorded by Jill Payant. Thank-you very much Jill.

University of Lethbridge
New Media Department Retreat
Saturday, November 22, 2003
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Luigi’s Restaurant Conference Room – Mayor Magrath

Present: James Graham, Chair, David Clearwater, Bob Cousins, Terry Gallie, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Will Smith, Neal Thomas and Jill Payant, Recording Secretary

Visitors: Carl Granzow, Acting Dean

I Reviewed new Media Retreat Discussion Guide with the additions of:
1.5 Assignment Discussion
12.3 Public support of students and their work (Smith)

1.1 Department Philosophy – past/present/future/growth model
It was stated that some of the New Media attractions of The University of Lethbridge were its broad base of programs; cross platforms and that the direction of its education was to produce successful entrepreneurs in their desired fields.

It was further stated that the quintessence of the department and its degrees were art and skill based, making students adaptable to change. The expansion of courses to include music, print design and video filming has been advantageous, however, it was stated that 4th year students are still lacking the experience in technical skills necessary for successful internship and there exists considerable concerns with student portfolios.

Carl stated the strength of the Fine Arts Faculty is the “ability for all other departments to mesh” together and create a uniform learning environment.

A number of future evaluative measures were suggested for consideration of the department growth model and include, but are not limited to:
~ Developing a department wide system of critique or platform/guide for students and faculty (separate from course evaluations
~ A survey as to what Digital Imaging Processing is as a whole
~ Panels and public discussion critiquing, similar to the Art Now class
~ A survey of other universities and their programs
~ Senior Studio – an opportunity for rigorous constructive critiquing and discussion of student work in any given area.
~ Formal student organizations, (i.e., student representatives)
~ “How to:” Discussions to:
Manifest the philosophy of program
Understand portfolio diversification importance
Learn essential problem solving skills

1.2 Graduate Studies – The discussion surrounded potential future cooperative associations in graduate programs and was deemed too premature for debate.
1.3 Interdisciplinary Degrees – It was suggested that Interdisciplinary Degrees may be difficult to introduce and integrate into New Media programs and that Internship may prove to be a challenge, although a possibility of a Co-op was suggested. Also, such degrees are limited by ACCESS funding. It was resolved that a meeting would be established with Computer Sciences and MIS to discuss specifics.
1.4 Strategic Priorities Document – Please refer to the Department of New Media – Meeting the Strategic Plan Document handout in conjunction with the University of Lethbridge Strategic Plan, 2003 – 2008, by Dr. Bill Cade, approved by the General Faculties Council and The Board of Governors which may be found here:

Revisions and modifications will be made available on line in Spring 2004.

II Curriculum
2.1 Current/Future/Refinement/Growth – Suggestions for future curriculum growth to be considered were:
~ Seminar Courses (Core/Electives)
~ Interactive Narrative
~ Double Credit Courses
~ Documentary on Fiction Film Making
~ Writing for Animation
~ History of Animation
~ Possible On-Line Conference-like classes for those with time restraints or traveling issues.

MOTION: To nominate Neal Thomas and David Clearwater to form a committee on developing future curriculum.
Graham/Smith. All in favor. Carried
2.2 Assignment Discussion – Course Assignments – It was stated the
Dean had relegated assignment choices to the Chair, who then
assigned courses according to individual specialties. James will
finalize Spring, Summer and Fall 2004 assignments with Linda Nicol
before his parental leave which commences in January.

Student Class Assignments – Concerns were voiced that students were
indicating a hardship in completing all of the assignments required. It
was suggested that all course syllabi be put on line and students
encouraged to consider the course requirements before registering.
Further discussion suspended until new course evaluations are returned
and instructors can review workload requirements.

III Hiring
3.1 Current/Future – The department has potential for 1 and possibly 2 new hires, and the following are areas of consideration:
~ Equipment Distribution Tech
~ Interdisciplinary Masters Instructor
~ Web Based Skills – Non Studio Hire
~ Video Imaging Person
~ Well founded in foundation courses

James emphasized the importance of a search committee acting on investigating hires for these positions as soon as possible.

IV Evaluations
4.1 Department Specific Questions – Minor changes to the New Media Lab based on-line evaluation questions. Evaluations will be up and running by Tuesday, November 25, 2003 for New Media.

V Admissions
5.1 Requirements – No changes as of yet
5.2 Prospective Student Questions – refer to handout from Anna
5.2.1 Web links may provide students with necessary information, i.e., Portfolio links, Information section.
5.3 Evaluation Process – Under construction

VI Budget
6.1 Labs/Offices Hardware/Software wish list:
~ G5
~ Commercial Copy of ‘Director’
~ Adobe CS Suite
~ DVD Studio Pro Upgrades
~ Bulbs, light stands, tripod, dollies
~ Game Cube
~ Small Flat Screen TV’s
~ Video Game Consoles
~ Large High Quality Monitor
~ 27” Sony Screen x 2

There is a $3000.00 budget for replacement every 2 years or $4,500.00 budget for replacement every 3 years.

6.2 Training/Travel – There are funds available for out of town traveling and training. Please see Ches Skinner.

6.3 Visiting Artists/Speakers – A formalized budget of approximately $5,000.00 has been established for visiting artists/speakers travel and expenses.

6.4 Recruiting – Recruiting budget is upward of $15,000.00.

VII Facilities - Expansion and Improvements – See Department Philosophy, Curriculum and Budget Items.

VIII Recruiting (Faculty)
8.1 Immediate (Spring)/Future; Advertising – format, dates
Ads are currently running to fill the Production Management and Portfolio Project positions for Spring 2004. The ads may be found in all university journals and the Calgary Herald.

VI Student/Department Initiatives
~ Two scholarship give-a-ways equaling $2,500.00 each.
~ List Serve for Students
~ Student Representatives

X Student Issues
~ New System Fonts
~ The experimental server and the possibility for a New Media Student
Online community Board.
~ Production Management Replacement Instructor
~ Course Assignment Load
Held over for discussion with Student Representative, Jeff Milner.

XI Current/Future Projects
10.1 Sound Lab – The estimate sits at between $36,000 - $44,000.00
10.2 New Media Resource Center – Space is the continuing issue.
10.3 Library Film/DVD Collection – Growing slowly. David Clearwater will approach Brian Black of the Music Department to discuss his experience with the Music Library Collection
10.4 Conferences/Symposia – James informed the Dept. members that he was making progress putting together a conference for Fall, 2004. The focus of the conference will be the current trend towards the convergence of film and gaming. If you have any ideas or suggestions for upcoming New Media Conferences or symposiums, please see James Graham

10.5 Film/Video Studio – a budget has yet to be established.

10.6 Concerts/Presentation – Will indicated that there were 21 out of 22 works presented at the November 7th & 14th joint New Media/Music concerts entitled, Music, Machines & New Media. Over 100 individuals attended both performances. Revenue figures will not be available until after December 5th. The series co-director position is available for next year.

10.7 Regular Student Exhibitions (Graduate Show) A brief discussion ensued regarding possible student exhibitions and included such suggestions as;
~ Portfolio Viewing
~ Open Forum Showcasing
Will encouraged all to show public support of New Media students and their work

Carl also reiterated the importance of showing departmental support and encouraged all to attend upcoming events.

It was suggested that two (2) X-Epson Projectors be purchased for public projection.

XI Other
11.1 Use & policies of specific classrooms/labs/rooms/equipment – Arlan Schultz, Rolf Boon, (Music Faculty) and Neal Thomas will continue to meet to discuss policies for use of the music studio.

(updated January 13, 2004 9:29PM)

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