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Friday, December 05, 2003

New Font Faces are on Their Way 

In an email to the department Neal Thomas writes:

Hi all;

I have compiled a good collection of typefaces that we should install next term for students that are clamouring for modern professional type. The next step up from my list here would be to purchase an entire line of type from a company like Monotype or Adobe. The license for these types of CDs (with upwards of 1,200 typefaces each) is around $4400.00 US. I believe that my selections are a good compromise as they will give students a substantial choice without causing them to be overly baffled by the options afforded with a CD from Monotype.

I propose that we purchase the Monotype Upgrade Library which contains around 400 typefaces. It's a good package because the bias is towards sturdy modern sans serif typefaces. Student gravitate towards these anyways, and the typefaces are most apt for use on a screen - good for our video titling, graphic design, interactive, modeling and motion graphics environments. That said, there are numerous handwritten style typefaces, dingbat sets, and several excellent serif samples as well.

I propose that we supplement these serif samples with a few other serif font volumes from Emigre, who are well known for their interesting well-constructed faces. This will give students a great palette to work with overall.

So, from, the Monotype Library Upgrade at $999.00US. And from Émigré:
Vendetta $159US
Priori $179US
Eidetic Neo $159US

Total: $1496.00 US, tallying to ~$2020 Cdn.

If there are no objections/suggestions received through next week I will
presume that Nick is free to close the deal!


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