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Thursday, September 30, 2004

New Media Department Meeting #22 

New Media Department Meeting
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
W866 - 1:00 p.m.
Minutes #22

Present: David Clearwater, Chair, Bob Cousins, Amrita Deshpande, Nick Fai, Jill Flaman, Terry Gallie, Christopher Moore, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith, Jeff Milner, Student Representative and Jill Payant, Recording Secretary.

Regrets: James Graham

I Adoption of the Agenda - with the following change
To strike Item for Discussion/Action 4.7 which reads:
Production management Course Relevance to NM Curriculum until such time that James Graham would be able to present.
Cousins/Gallie. Carried.

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes, sent to the department members on September 9, 2004. Fai/Pickering. Carried

III Items for Information

3.1 Reminders: (Clearwater) Book Order Deadlines – please have text book requisitions for Spring 2005 to Jill by Friday, September 17, 2004. Course Outlines for the fall semester are due to Jill as well and the CLR deadline is Monday, October 4, 2005

3.2 New Media Summer Camp Update (Clearwater) David reported the
over-all profits for the New Media Summer camps are meager at best. The 2002 camp reflected a loss, while the 2003 & 2004 camps reported a profit. Profit made is streamlined towards Abbondanza funds.

3.3 Library Purchases (Books serials, DVD’s) (Clearwater) For purchases see Glenna Westwood, FA Librarian.

3.4 Use (and abuse) of Administrative Staff (Clearwater) David reminded the
department that the Administrative Support, according to the position’s job description, acquires work requests from the Chair. If department members need help with a specific task, please see the Chair to have the request approved.

For incoming new department personnel, a packet outlining orientation needs will be compiled and distributed to help with the integrating process. A University contact list for new employees will be presented for a future Item for Action.

3.5 Lab Upgrade Update (B5 Labs, PE 244 and others) (Clearwater) Labs are
looking great, however, lighting remains an issue in B520. It was decided on a specific set of lab rules to be initiated – this item will become a future Item for Discussion/Action soon.

If you teach in these labs and would like to submit a list of changes or suggestions, please see Will Smith.

4.0 Microphones have been purchased and a cost for window blinds has been submitted, also to be discussed at a later date.

3.6 Course Incompletes (Clearwater) Course incompletes are to be submitted
for medical reasons only. This decision came out of the September 15, 2005 Advisory Meeting.

3.7 Exam Dates (Clearwater) All scheduled exam dates are considered firm
and unmoving.

3.8 Spring 2004 Timetable (Clearwater) If anyone has special needs for the
classes they are teaching (i.e., DVD's, data projector, etc.,) Please let the chair know in advance so information can be passed on to advising.

3.9 Town Hall Meeting (Clearwater) FYI the Fine Arts Town Hall Meeting
(U of L Administration and FA Faculty) will be held on Tuesday, Sept 28, 2004, probably at 12:00 p.m. If you have any questions or concerns, please see Ches Skinner or Carl Granzow.

3.10 University of Magdeburg Exchange Program (Clearwater) Two German professors are visiting Alberta institutions and are trying to set up an exchange program between the U of L and the University of Magdeburg, with a special interest in NMED. Long-term project.

3.11 Classroom Closures – Regional Health & Wellness Centre Construction
(Clearwater) Please refer to the Regional Health and Wellness Centre Classroom Closures handout for in-depth details regarding room closures during this renovation, with special interest in PE244.

IV Items for Discussion/Action

4.1 Student Representative Nomination/Election Process (Clearwater) A brief review on the student candidacy and nomination of previous years. Jeff Milner expressed an interest in helping to set up the nomination process and will meet with Jill at a later date to discuss method.

4.2 NMED STP Committee (Clearwater) –

Motion to retain the following individuals as the FA - STP Committee until further changes:
Will Smith, NMED,
Nick Wade, Art,
Lisa Doolittle, Drama
Peter Visentin, Music
Clearwater/Pickering. Carried.

4.3 New Media Mixer (Clearwater) Friday, October 8th target date. Jeff Milner submitted his name to be added to the coordinating committee. Gerry Prost indicated that the committee was still investigating ‘mixing’ ideas such as games, draws, work displays, multiplayer x-boxes and Dance Dance Revolution. If you have any suggestions please see James Graham, Gerry Prost or Jeff Milner.

4.4 Scaling back New Media Month (Clearwater) For the purpose of emphasizing curriculum planning.

Motion: To scale back for the New Media month, the scheduled video conferencing and various kiosks. Clearwater/Pickering. Carried.

Motion: To include as part of the New Media Month the SAAG Opening (Student and Graduate Exposure) on Friday, March 4, 2004. Clearwater/Fai. Carried

Motion: To Include as part of NM month; Lethbridge Public Library – Stories on DVD, Saturday, March 12, 2004. Smith/Prost. Carried

Motion: To include as part of the NMED month; City Centre Foyer – Student and Faculty Showcasing on Saturday, March 19, 2004
Clearwater/Pickering. Carried.

Since the SAAG Open Call, dated Friday, March 18, 2004, does not belong to the NMED department, it was left on the calendar.

4.5 Curriculum Committee – Schedule for Standardization of Intro Courses (Clearwater) While this was an agenda item, David asked—for sake of time—to strike it from the agenda and take it up again at the next meeting. David did indicate that he wants all full time faculty and Anna Pickering to take part in the Curriculum Committee.

Motion: To strike from the current agenda for discussion.
Clearwater/Smith. Carried

4.6 Lighting Kits for New Media Student Use (Gallie)
Terry informed the department regarding the upcoming expenditures for lighting kits, grip stands, flag kits and audio mixers. He will submit a current written itemized proposal with a grand total to be submitted to the chair and circulated through the department via email for approval prior to the next department meeting.

V Other Business

5.1 Deadline for Agenda Items: Agenda items must be into Jill by 10:00 a.m. on the day preceding the Department meeting

5.2 Anna Pickering has a New Media grad sheet that she has used to keep track of some of the recent graduates from the program and their current job status and whether they are working in the industry of their choice or not. Please see Anna if you would like to view this document.

5.3 Nick will bring in updated information regarding portable sound systems.

5.4 W700K – speakers have gone ‘missing’ – sub woofer and 2 speakers. Please see Nick Fai, if you know where they went.

5.5 For those professors who need/want keys to W700K – see Angela for key.

VI Adjournment - 2:45 p.m. Anna Pickering

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Call for Student Work 

The Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge would like to present an exhibition opportunity to students in the senior studio program at the University of Lethbridge. The AAC manages 3 exhibition spaces: 2 galleries at the Bowman Arts Centre and one in the Yates Memorial Centre. Our mandate, under the auspices of the AFA, is to exhibit the work of local, regional and provincial artists, regardless of media or content. The AAC has had an unexpected cancellation in our exhibition schedule for January 2005, and in conversations with the Director about how to fill the void in our schedule, we decided we would like to give the initial opportunity to a group of students in the late stages of their undergraduate arts education.

The block of time we are looking to fill is from January 6 - February 19, 2005, in the 2 galleries at the Bowman Arts Centre. If you were interested, Suzanne Lint, the AAC Director/Curator, and myself would do studio visits in late October, and again at the end of the semester for a final works selection. Our idea would be to select a broad theme and then build an exhibition from amongst the works the students are producing. The AAC would, as with every exhibition, take care of invitations/promotion, installation, as well as hosting an opening reception and a nominal artists' fees payment. If instructors would like more information, don't hesitate to contact me. Please let me know whether you would, or would not be interested. I need to know very soon as I may have to arrange an alternate exhibition. Thanks, and have a good day,

Darcy Logan
Gallery Assistant
Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge
811-5 Avenue South
Lethbridge AB, T1J 0V2
Ph: 403.327.2813

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Student Position Available  

The Department of New Media is looking for a qualified student to act as a Teaching Assistant for New Media 2020 B (New Media Technology). The ideal candidate would be a third or fourth-year New Media student who is fluent in static and moving image processing and major software packages (Photoshop, Premier, Dreamweaver). As well, the successful candidate will have good verbal communication skills, patience, and other skills necessary to aid other students in a studio lab setting.

The successful candidate must be available during the hours that NMED 2020 runs (MWF, 11:30 – 12:50) and perhaps some outside class time (for a total of six hours per week). This position runs for the remainder of the term (10 weeks) and pays $10/hour.

In your letter of application, please indicate your level of computer proficiency, software packages you are fluent in, and, if applicable, those courses that you have taken in the Department of New Media.

Deadline: Letters of application must be dropped off in W850 by 4:30pm on Friday, Oct. 1, 2004.

Those interested in the position should apply in writing to:

David Clearwater, Acting Chair
Department of New Media
c/o Jill Payant, W850

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New Media Mixer 

During the last department meeting I volunteered to be a part of the New Media Mixer committee. This means that I will have a lot of say with regard to how our annual Mixer will be organized. I'm open to suggestions, so if you have any, please leave a comment along those lines.

So far we are planning to have the mixer the 2nd or 3rd weekend in October. It will be held at the Bistro (formerly known as the Zoo) and from the sounds of it the food will be a little more plentiful than in years past. We are also planning on 16 player Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2. If you have an Xbox and 4 controllers and would be willing to bring it for a good cause, we could use it. Please get in contact with me.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

RGD Ontario / Aquent National Survey  

Ever wonder how much you are worth these days? What is the value of an identity program, an annual report, a web site design, and how do these numbers vary across Canada? Check out the 2003/2004 RGD Ontario/Aquent National Survey of Graphic Design Salaries & Billing Practices (PDF Download).

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Creatures and Pixel Dust 

The University of Lethbridge Discovery Lecture Series, in partnership with iCORE and the Alberta Ingenuity Fund will present “CREATURES AND PIXEL DUST: The Art and Science of Visual Effects” with Zoran Kacic-Alesic a former Calgarian, U of L honorary degree recipient, and Computer Graphics Principal Engineer at Industrial Light & Magic.

The lecture will take place on September 13, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the University Theatre. Tickets are free and will be available beginning on September 7, 2004. To reserve your tickets, call the University Theatre Box Office at (403) 329-2616.

For more information, see the notice board entry on the event.

Zoran Kacic-Alesic will also be visiting the B520 lab to meet with New Media students for a more personal discussion. This will take place Monday, Sept. 13 from 1-2pm in B520. Professor James Graham will be hosting Zoran for this meeting and any interested New Media students are welcome to attend.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

New Media Department Meeting #21 

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
1:00 – 2:45 p.m.
Minutes # 21

Present: David Clearwater, Chair, Bob Cousins, Amrita Deshpande, Terry Gallie, James Graham, Christopher Moore, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith, Jeff Milner - Student Representative and Jill Payant - Recording Secretary.

Regrets: Nick Fai

Visitor: New Hire - Jill Flaman

I Adoption of the Agenda with the following additions
3.8 New Media Month (Smith)
3.9 New Media Camps (Milner)
3.10 Regularly Scheduled Department Meetings (Clearwater)

4.8 Software/Computer Collections (Smith)
4.9 Maya Discussion (Graham)

5.1 Curtains for the B520 Labs (Smith)

Pickering/Graham. Carried.

II Business Arising/Adoption of the Previous Minutes
Pickering/Prost. Carried.

III Items for Information
3.1 New Faculty Members (Clearwater)
3.1.1 David introduced Christopher Moore, who will be teaching two Net Art classes and Production Management. Christopher is currently in room W888.
3.1.2 David introduced new hire Jill Flaman whose official title is Admissions Advisor (New Media/Art). Jill will be responsible for incoming admissions, portfolio review, recruitment possibilities, alumni following, and a variety of other responsibilities.
3.1.3 Amrita Deshpande, teaching New Media 2020B for fall 2004

3.2 New Par Deadlines (Clearwater) Sept 15th, 2004 is the deadline set however paperwork may be submitted in advance.

3.3 New Faculty Hires – Subject area. (Clearwater) Ches indicated the department would be in a position to hire another faculty member next year. No word on what subject they will teach yet, but please see David for any subject area suggestions or input you may have. Formal discussions regarding this upcoming position will begin shortly.

3.4 Visiting Professor Hei Young Shin, Department of Character Design Youngsan, University Korea. (Clearwater) Please refer to attached email letter from Professor Shin dated July 27, 2004. This instructor has been formally invited to the University of Lethbridge and will share office space with Amrita Deshpande in W882. This is considered a sabbatical study for her.

3.5 Spring 2005 Course Assignments (Clearwater) Please refer to the timetable distributed during the department meeting and review carefully. If changes are required please let David know so the Registrar’s Office can address the changes. Subjects must remain as they are.

3.6 Installed Applications in AH/B5 Labs (Clearwater for Fai) Please refer to Software Installed in the AH Labs and Software installed in B519/B520 handouts distributed during the department meeting. Gerald Prost asked if it were possible for clips to be added to these New Media computers and was told to see Nick regarding this possible installation.

3.7 Bookstore Orders, Course Outlines, Spring 2005 Textbook orders (Clearwater) Please remember to take a walk up to the bookstore to check and make sure the book you ordered for your fall class is on the shelf. Also, Spring 2005 Textbook orders have been in your mailbox for a few days now if you are teaching in the spring. Please have those forms completely filled out, signed by the Chair and returned to Jill Payant in W850 no later than Friday, September 17, 2004, to avoid rising late charges. As well, a Course Outline of each of the courses you teach must be submitted to the Dean’s office to be kept on file. Please drop this off to Jill Payant in W850 as well and she will see it is kept for future references.

3.8 New Media Month (Smith) For departments information, March 2005 is designated as the high profile New Media Month David has set aside approx $10.000 for potential use.

3.9 New Media Camps (Milner) Jeff Milner reported on the success of the recent 4 New Media Camps offered to youth whose ages ranged from 11 – 17. These camps were one-week sessions during the month of July and included teaching students to write, shoot, edit film, and screen their product. There were approximately 10 – 14 children each week. Students created a DVD, which they were able to keep. This was considered a great experience in production management for the U of L students involved with the camps. Equipment wise, things looked pretty good. A brief discussion ensued regarding recovery and profit. It was suggested an honorarium be given to Jeff Milner and Keli Thomson to produce a curriculum guide and information packet. David will continue his discussion with Jeff and Keli.

3.10 Regularly Scheduled Department Meetings (Clearwater). No firm semester date was decided upon at this meeting however, the department agreed to meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of every month at 1:00 – 1:45 p.m. starting September 15th, in room W866 if possible until a better time could be found.

IV Items for Discussion
4.1 New Media Mixer (Clearwater) James Graham and Gerry Prost have agreed to organize the annual New Media Mixer, which may be held sometime in September. Location appears to be an issue but the following suggestions were proposed: The Student Union bldg, Indian Battle Park area and the 5th floor University Theatre Lobby and adjacent large class rooms. Please contact James or Gerry if you have gently used New Media software and items to donate as raffle draws.

4.2 Curriculum: Standardization of Intro Courses (Clearwater) Item to be addressed this year, the department is looking for ways to standardize New Media 1000 (and other first/second year courses) and various other aspects are to be examined in future meetings. Curriculum committee struck consisting of the following individuals: Christopher Moore, Will Smith, Amrita Deshphande, Daniela Sirbu and Terry Gallie. This item will become an Item for Discussion on the next agenda.

4.3 New Media Student Society (Clearwater) Student Representative #2 vote will commence after the beginning of classes and will facilitate the organization of the New Media Student Society. The New Media Student body to be notified as to the specifics once the organization is underway.

4.4 New Schedule for lab Computer Purchases (Clearwater) Computer replacement program will commence to be a three-year purchase plan, possibly freeing up monies to allocate to other purchases. See David or Nick Fai for further explanation.

4.5 PAR Evaluation Criteria Standardization or Codification (Smith). Will is concerned that current methods for evaluating PARs and research does not adequately address the specific interests and activities of those working in New Media. Will distributed copies of evaluation criteria from other faculties and suggested the department consider the issue more carefully. Will offered to act on this and would appreciate input from other faculty members.

4.6 Camera Use for New Media 2020 (Deshpande) It was decided that the New Media course 2020 in question would not have access to the department owned cameras since AH labs do not have firewire inputs, because it adds another level of complexity to the delivery of a introductory course for non-majors, and to avoid conflict between other NM 2020 offerings. Suggestions included looking to the possible use of the Library equipment or consultations with James Graham and Gerry Prost regarding visual imagery.

4.7 W700 Usage Policy (Clearwater) The Music Dept has developed a Policy for the use of the Music Studio located within W700; please see David to review this policy. For New Media students who want access to W700, each instructor must submit a request in writing to David with a beginning and end date for each student along with their name and I.D. number. David will then forward the information to Jill Payant. Jill will process the necessary documentation. Each student should be advised to have their card scanned by the Security Department. When Security has received written authorization, the student’s access will be activated and will automatically terminate upon the last day the instructor has indicated. For further information, please see David or Jill Payant.

4.8 Computer/Software Collections (Smith) A brief discussion regarding possibly establishing a collection of antique software and hardware to give students an idea of various software usages, past and present. Minor concerns included: proper storage, cataloging, record keeping and space issues. The department is not accepting donations yet.

4.9 Maya Discussion (Graham) Please refer to the Proposal: Alias Wavefront Maya Costs handout for proposal and rationale. After extensive discussion, it was decided by many faculty that Maya would be extremely useful and that 51 licenses (for ‘B’ labs/faculty) of Maya Complete and 3 licenses of Maya Unlimited (for W700 labs) would be ordered.

V Other Business
5.1 Curtains for B520 (Smith) Due to the distracting nature of open windows, Will Smith has asked for the installation of louvered blinds for the B520 computer labs. Will has been asked by the Chair to submit a cost proposal in writing. This topic to be discussed at a later date.

VI Adjournment – 3:45, Pickering.

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Music, Machines & New Media Concerts 

Music, Machines & New Media concert #1 Friday, 12 November at 8:00pm Recital Hall
Music, Machines & New Media concert #2 Friday, 19 November at 8:00pm Recital Hall

This is a reminder about the upcoming New Media concerts. These two different concerts will feature juried work of the New Media students and faculty.

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