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Monday, March 15, 2004

Meeting Summary 

Here is a summary of the last two faculty meetings that Mike and I attended:

1. A New Media conference to be held at the University is under way. It appears to me that it will happen sometime in the next year. If you have a suggestion of a speaker to bring in for the conference, please let me know.

2. I brought up concerns about instructors following their course outlines, usage of professors in the CanWest Labs, and having the lab hours extended start sooner giving more time to work on final projects.

3. A working budget of $500 has been allocated toward next seasons New Media Concerts.

4. The loan form for equipment is under revision. It looks like the rules for loaning equipment are going to be strictly enforced which will mean more access to equipment and a greater responsibility of the borrower.

5. Motion Capture Workshop on March 20th, from 12-4. Senior students sign up at Will Smith's office.

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Motion Capture Workshop 

Will Smith asked me to announce that on Saturday March 20, 12-4pm he will be holding a mocap workshop for seniors in PE240. A dancer will be coming from Calgary at 2 pm, so there will be a mix of learning and real hands-on exposure during the day. Students wishing to participate should sign a sheet on my door w889 to reserve a place.

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Friday, March 12, 2004

What the font? 

Ever wanted to have a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using the WhatTheFont font recognition system. Upload a scanned image of the font and they'll show you the closest matches in their database!

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Meeting Minutes From Friday, March 5, 2004 

Friday, March 5, 04
10:30 a.m.
Agenda # 17

I Adoption of the Agenda

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes

III Items for Information
3.1 Department Web Maintenance (Prost)
3.2 School Visits (Prost)
3.3 Software for 2004 (Fai)
3.4 Professors and Procedures (Milner)
3.5 24 hour use of Canwest Global Room (Milner)
3.6 Lab Hours (Milner)
3.7 Timetables (Granzow)

IV Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 Visiting Professor Hei -Young Shin, Korea (Granzow)
4.2 2003 New Music New Media Concert Series (Smith)
4.3 Camera Loan Form with access privileges (Gallie)
4.4 VHS with Firewire Connectivity (Fai)
4.5 New Media Conference Proposal (Kabatoff/Granzow)
4.6 Student Showcase (Kabatoff)
4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith)
4.8 Wireless Router (Fai)

V Other Business
5.1 Projector (Smith)
5.2 January Admissions (Prost)

VI Adjournment

Friday, March 5, 2004
10:30 a.m.
Room W850A
Minutes # 17

Present: Carl Granzow (Acting Chair), Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Terry Gallie, Mathew Kabatoff, Anna Pickering, Gerald Prost, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith, Neal Thomas. Student Representatives, Mike Atwood and Jeff Milner. Recording Secretary, Jill Payant.

Regrets: David Clearwater

Visitors: Ches Skinner, Dean

I Adoption of the Agenda with the following additions:
4.3 Camera Loan form with access privileges (Gallie)
4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith)
4.8 Wireless Router (Fai)
5.1 Projector (Smith)
5.2 January Admission (Prost)
Thomas/Pickering. Carried

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes - Pickering/Gallie. Carried
Minutes # 16 reflected a request to purchase a wireless mouse with a 50 ft. radius in the amount of $250+. It was decided to use a currently owned mouse with a 10ft. radius and a USB extender

Visitor Ches Skinner briefly spoke encouragingly on the possibility of an upcoming New Media Conference. His comments included;
~ Conference Topics, dates and content
~ Raising the profile in New Media at The University of Lethbridge
~ Recruitment of students for Fall 2004 and future
~ National/International/Regional Exposure
~ Opening and exploration of other opportunities

III Items for Information
3.1 Department Web Maintenance (Prost) Gerry proposed and was accepted to take over the maintenance of the New Media Web Page for the upcoming year and was thanked by all previously involved.
3.2 School Visits (Prost) Kabatoff has made one school visit to
Strathmore on February 26th. There are two more dates currently planned, Calgary Convention Centre, Alberta, an all day event, and March 24th, 04, University of Lethbridge, Recital Hall, an all day event.

It was suggested that a New Media specific DVD be created to aid in recruiting purposes. Kabatoff indicated that he has already created a New Media DVD that could be used as a presentation tool. He will present it at the next department meeting.
3.3 Software for 2004 (Fai) Nick reported that Dreamweaver 4 in the
computer labs are not being updated by I.T. and indicated that he would investigate an accurate cost estimate to update the software. He will present his findings at the next New Media meeting. Nick also requests that all faculty members email him any software requirements for Fall 2004.
3.4 Professors and Procedures (Milner) Student Representative Jeff
Milner presented concerns from students that course syllabi seemed to be considered flexible and changeable. Students are concerned with accurate dates and paper due dates being changed mid-semester. Carl reiterated to the faculty that all syllabi are contracts with the students and need to be strictly adhered to. It was suggested that students be given a week after classes begin to consider the content of a syllabus and discuss any concerns with the instructor, with in that time period.
3.5 24-Hour Access of Canwest Global Room (Milner) It was
presented that certain students question the use of classes occupying the Canwest Global room, which may restrict individual student use. Such concern was considered a non-issue due to the fact that all who require access to the Canwest Global room are accommodated.
3.6 Lab Hours (Milner) Students have requested the extension of lab
hours for weekends and the weeks preceding the end of the
semester. Nick will investigate further and report changes at the next meeting.
3.7 Timetables (Granzow) Carl presented a 3-year Timetable plan and
asked the department to review before the next department meeting. It was stated that the MOCAP course number of 4850 is incorrect.

IV Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 Visiting Professor Hei - Young Shin, Korea (Granzow) Will Smith will contact this instructor on behalf of the New Media Department and will report back to the department specifics regarding this potential liaison.
4.2 2003/2004 New Music/New Media Concert Series (Smith) Motion: To allocate a working budget of $500.00 from the New Media department to accommodate the next season of joint concerts. Smith/Prost. Carried.

Proposed dates are November 19th and 26th, 2004 and could potentially be used as entertainment events for the proposed New Media Conference.
4.3 Camera Loan Forms with Access Privileges (Gallie) Please refer
to enclosed Camera Loan Form. Discussion arose regarding
~ Additional paragraph indicated acknowledgment of physical damage
~ Rewording of paragraph # 2
~ Incurring a potential damage deposit system
~ Banning privileges when necessary.

A committee consisting of Nick Fai, Terry Gallie and Anna Pickering has been established and will alter and present the existing loan form at a later date.

4.4 VHS with Firewire Connectivity (Fai) Nick indicated that New Media has been approached by I.T. to help in a 3 way split purchase of a VHS player with firewire connectivity. Instead the following motion was passed;

Motion: For the New Media department to purchase their own Canoupus Converter. Thomas/Smith. Carried

4.5 New Media Conference Proposal (Kabatoff) Please refer to the attached Two Conference Topics from Banff and the U of L New Media Conference Proposal handouts. Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the specifics of the potential New Media Conference to be held at The University of Lethbridge. Concerns voiced include but are not limited to the following:
~ Concerns with branding the conference with an affiliation to Sciences
~ How to combine creativity and sciences
~ The focus of a keynote speaker
~ General comments on conference promotion
~ Purpose of conference

Motion: To pursue in establishing a New Media Conference for Fall 2004 or Fall 2005. Kabatoff/Pickering. Carried

Conference committee formed and consists of:
Mathew Kabatoff
Neal Thomas
David Clearwater
Daniela Sirbu
Will Smith

4.6 Student Showcase (Kabatoff) Submissions for the New Media Student Showcase Juried Selections, which may consist of Web, 3D, Gaming, and Interaction, will be accepted on April 13, 04 in W850. Exhibition date is scheduled for April 16, 04. See posters for further details. Adjudicators currently are:
Neal Thomas
Daniela Sirbu
Mathew Kabatoff
Not yet determined Art Faculty member

4.7 MOCAP Workshop for Grad Students (Smith) Motion: To establish an offer a MOCAP workshop for Grad students, date not yet determined. Smith/Thomas. Carried

4.8 Wireless Router (Fai) Motion: To split the cost of initiating wireless networking with the art department. Fai/Thomas. Carried.

V Other Business
5.1 Projector (Smith) Will commented on the outdated projector
currently in use by the New Media department and indicated his
concerns at using archaic equipment.

5.2 January admissions (Prost) Concerns were voiced on the process
used to investigate incoming student pre-requisites. Stricter
communication effort suggested.

VI Adjournment - Neal Thomas, 1:00 p.m.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Adobe Wants You: Adobe launches 2004 student awards 

Attention all students: Adobe wants you. The San Jose-based company has just launched its annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards. The idea here is to nurture promising design talent in currently enrolled in post-secondary education courses in North America and the UK. Do note, however that residents of the Province of Quebec are excluded. Of course, submissions are expected be produced primarily using Adobe products.

Between 1 April and 17 May 2004, students can submit work in the categories Time-based Media, Print, Illustration, Photography, and Multiple Media. If you work as part of a group, you can also enter the Print Collaboration and Digital Collaboration categories. Category first prize includes a cool bit of wedge: $5000 worth to be exact, plus a trip to San Francisco for the awards event, including airfare and hotel. Of course you also get to pick one of ten Adobe products.

Judges include Andrew Blauvelt Design Director of Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Carol Bokuniewicz, Founding Partner at M&Co in New York, Karin Fong, Director and designer at Imaginary Forces in Los Angeles and Lucille Tenazas, Principal at Tenazas Design in San Francisco. The panel’s chair is Alexander Gelman, Founding Partner and President of Design Machine in New York.

Judging takes place in early June, and the awards ceremony will be held 29 June at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in California.

Find out more and get an entry form at the Adobe site:

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


This email was forwarded to New Media students:

My name is Iain Robinson, co-director of the 4th annual Student Shorts Film Festival. Student Shorts is a national forum exclusively for Canadian part and full time post secondary students to show off their hard work on a big screen, make some industry connections and possibly sell films! The festival offers a friendly and positive environment to young filmmakers, a chance to win some incredible industry awards and have their films juried by the people such as Bruce McDonald.

Basic Guidelines:

- To submit your work you must be enrolled full or part time at a Canadian post secondary institution.

- Submitted work must be no longer than 30 mins, and can be shown on miniDV, DVD or 16mm (optical or silent)

- Send your submission form and VHS preview tape by June 1st. For more information and to download a submission form or fill out an electronic one, visit and follow the Student Shorts 2003 link

- There is a $15 registration fee to help cover our costs. This fee must be paid by either money order or certified cheque.

- The festival will take place on September 24 and 25th at Toronto’s prestigious Jackman hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario. (Cinematheque)

- Other events, like last year's successful panel discussions, are currently in the works and should be scheduled at the National Film Board shortly.

- The after party and awards ceremony was an incredible success last year and we have something even bigger lined up this year with more sponsors than ever!

- Keep checking the website for more information – it serves as THE resource for the festival. (

Last year we had over 180 submissions from coast to coast and are hoping to receive even more this year. Student Shorts is now in it's 4th wicked year, I invite you to check out our website for all submission information, as well to get a chance to see what the festival is all about.

Be a part of the fastest growing and coolest film festival in Canada, and help show the world the power of student film!

Check it out at

Thanks and good luck!

Iain Robinson
Chair, Co-Director, Student Shorts Film Festival

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Monday, March 01, 2004

New Media Department Meeting This Friday 

There will be a department meeting March 5th at 10:30 in W850. I am planning on bringing up the following topics:
- Professors following procedures as outlined in the Student Union Calendar Page 74 section f subsection 2. That is to say providing course outlines in a timely manner and staying true to them: Grading System, Weights and Dates, Missed Examinations, etc.

- Use of the CanWest Global labs for classes instead of being reserved for 24 hour a day student use. I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done about this but I at least want to let the faculty know that students believe the CanWest Labs are reserved for them 24 hours a day.

- Lab hours (specifically with regard to closing at 5:00 on Fridays) The students want longer lab hours on the weekends, especially when final projects are due.

If you have any other concerns that you would like expressed you must email me, or if you are too lazy you can just leave comments here and I'll do what I can.

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Meeting Minutes From Friday, February 6, 2004 

Friday, February 6, 2004
10:00 a.m.
Room W850A
Agenda # 16

Present: Carl Granzow, Acting Chair, David Clearwater, Bob Cousins, Nick Fai, Mathew Kabatoff, Anna Pickering, Daniela Sirbu, Will Smith and Jill Payant (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Terry Gallie

I Adoption of the Agenda – with the following additions and changes
3.4 Graduate Feedback (Pickering)
4.3 Macromedia Upgrades (Fai)
4.5 Remove Smith’s name from 4.5
4.7 List Serve, Michael C. Baker and New Media Workshop
4.8 Hard Drive Space (Fai)

Fai/Clearwater. Carried

II Adoption of the Previous Minutes- Pickering/Smith. Carried

III Items for Information
3.1 New Media Workshop Update (Kabatoff) – Reviewed Fine
Art/New Media Informational Workshop Series handout. Faculty members are encouraged to inform and promote their students to attend and participate in these upcoming workshops.

3.2 New Media Conference Update (Kabatoff) Mathew indicated a list
serve has been created within the last 2 weeks and is moving ahead, per Ches’ request. Please see Mathew in regards to the following needs for this conference:
~ Fixed Date
~ Size
~ Topics/Subscriptions
~ Budget Information

3.3 3D Motion Library with OSU (Smith) Will informed the department of a potential liaison with Ohio State University New Media 3D Motion Library. He advocated inter-university loaning and sharing and further indicated there was no cost to the endeavor.

3.4 Graduate Feedback (Pickering) A former New Media student contacted the University and suggested the department focus more intently on preparing students for the work force by emphasizing formal presentations. Discussion ensued regarding incorporating such presentations into established courses. In its deliberations, it was decided that a larger view of the overall course components and requirements of the New Media courses was necessary. To this end, it was suggested that course outlines of all classes be distributed amongst each instructor. It was further suggested that a retreat be established with a curriculum focus only, and that the date has been tentatively set for a mid-April time frame – sometime between the last day of classes and final exams.

V Items for Discussion/Action
4.1 W700 Report (Fai) Efforts to move and hook up the 1.4GHZ computers to 700B are progressing. W700K continues to be designated as the equipment room to which faculty and staff will have access (in a not yet determined format). Nick will inform everyone when this system is established and access is available.

The following items have been requested for purchase:
Wireless mouse (with 50 ft radius) (Smith)
Laser Pointer (Sirbu)

4.2 Potential Candidate Advertisement (Smith) Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the rewording of the enclosed Assistant Professor – New Media Studies advertising handouts. Changes were made and will be forwarded to Angela Luck through Carl Granzow and will then be made available to the department members for perusal.

4.3 Macromedia Update (Fai) Nick received a 2-year computer software purchase quote from Nick Bensch regarding programs and their upgrades.

Carl requested all instructors to submit to him in writing, their computer software needs to facilitate and pursue future purchases.

4.4 Recruiting A/V Equipment to be used in the classrooms (Clearwater) It was recommended that the Recruitment Equipment which currently consists of a:
~Portable DVD Player
~ Projector
~Speaker System
be housed in W700 and be made available for classroom activities.

4.5 Consolidating A/V Equipment for classroom use, list of equipment, reservation sheet (Clearwater) Tabled

4.6 Course Proposal (Sirbu) Daniela Sirbu, in conjunction with Linda Nicol, will prepare and submit a course proposal and its rational for two potential courses entitled:

A) Human Computer Interaction
B) Information Arts

4.7 List serve, Michael C. Baker and New Media Workshop (Smith)
Visiting Artist Michael Conway Baker will be on campus Monday, February 09, 2004. The following dates and times are designated for part of Mr. Baker’s itinerary and New Media Students and Faculty and all are encouraged to attend these activities;

Monday, Feb 9, 04 Masterclass 2:30—4:00
Recital Hall – W570

Tuesday, Feb 10, 04 B520 Computer Lab
9:25—10:30 Terry Gallie
10:50—12:05 A 580
6: 30—7:30 Lecture on Film/Music Industry B773

This is a joint partnership with the Music Department to which the New Media Department allocated the sum of $500.00.

Will Smith wanted it known that he felt all instructors need to support department events.

4.8 Hard Drive Space (Fai) Students have been requesting additional hard drive storage space. To this end Nick Fai has suggested 3 ways to address this issue;
1) Purchase of additional had drive space at an approximate cost of $9600.00
2) Student purchased Portable Firewire Drives at a cost of $200 - $400 per student.
3) Re-writable DVD discs holding 4.7 gigs at a cost of $20.00 each.
Nick’s emphasis of support would be on either option 2 or 3.

V Other Business
5.1 TV’s (Fai) Nick has requested Will Smith remove the stored televisions from W700 as discussed in the previous minutes. Will indicted he would remove them directly after the meeting.

V Adjournment - 12:00 Anna Pickering

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